From custom life-sized dioramas to traditional shoulder mounts, Central Coast Taxidermy treats each trophy with the care and the attention to detail it deserves.

We know every hunter wants to preserve and enjoy their hunts; we are dedicated to the creation of visually interesting and unique trophy mounts. Our taxidermy is an art that will keep your trophy and your hunting memories alive. We stand behind the quality of every mount.

Guiding service, call for more info (805) 748-2787

  • Tanning
  • Rugging
  • Shoulder Mounts
  • Pedestal¬†Mounts
  • Skull Cleaning & Bleaching
  • Antler Velvet Preservation
  • Life Size Dioramas
  • Custom Wildlife Cabinetry
  • USDA Approved Facility
  • U.S. Fish & Wildlife licensed importer/exporter